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What Questions Will Be Asked on the 2020 Census?

Mandated by the Constitution of the United States of America, the Census is a population count done every 10 years. The original purpose was for distribution of political power. Today, the Census has uses beyond political power such as financial support for social services and programs, economic development, data for community development, information for genealogy and more.

With the upcoming Census, we are seeking to learn how much our community has changed so we can receive appropriate political representation and federal funding to provide services and safety for all in Liberty County. Most households will receive postcards in the mail to respond online, by phone or by mail in March 2020. The questions will be similar to what census forms have asked in the past. For those worried about privacy, the Census Bureau has systems in places to keep responses confidential. However, once you review the questions, you will see that it asks information commonly requested for online social apps and shopping accounts.

Below is a sample of the bilingual paper questionnaire that will be used during the 2020 Census. This version excludes some features that will be made available to households starting in March 2020, such as the URL for online response and the contact information for phone response.

Basically, it requests the following information:

  • Number of people living or staying in a home on April 1, 2020.

  • Home ownership

  • Phone number

  • Name, sex, age, date of birth and race of each person in the home

  • Whether each person is of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin

  • Relationship of each person to the person completing the form for the home

Still have questions about the 2020 Census, message us so we can get you ready to respond!

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