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Rep. Al Williams Legislative Session ‘Wrap-up’

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

State Rep. Al Williams (D- Midway) reviewed the Georgia General Assembly’s 2019 legislative session at the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce Eggs and Issues Breakfast on April 30, 2019.

This is an excerpt from the Coastal Courier. For the full article last updated on May 8, 2019, visit the Coastal Courier website.

“That makes a lot of difference,” Williams said. “We just want to be counted fairly.”

In addition to speaking on various bills passed by state lawmakers, Williams recounted how the Census Bureau plans to change one of its measures for the 2020 Census: that deployed military service members will be counted as residents of the stateside military installations– such as Fort Stewart – to which they are currently assigned. In 2010, city and county elected officials, including Williams, voiced their displeasure when active duty service members at Fort Stewart were counted as residents of their home state, not as residents of Liberty County. This resulted in an inaccurate population count for the county, according to Williams.

Williams said he believes that Liberty County is closer to 70,000-75,000 residents, than the approximate 61,000 population figure put out by the latest census. Population figures, if inaccurate, can translate into a loss in revenue, he said.

“That makes a lot of difference,” Williams said. “We just want to be counted fairly.”

Williams encourages voters to speak with him about issues they are concerned about, and urges them to contact him prior to the next legislative session. Williams can be reached at 912-977-5600 or

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